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Marsala, a bubbling seaport city, is situated in the westernmost point of Sicily, where Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Romans left their footsteps . It is best known as the source of Marsala wine.
Marsala occupies the site of Lilybaeum, the principal stronghold of the Carthaginians in Sicily, after the abandonment of Mozia. It was a starting point for the Roman expeditions against Carthage, and under Roman rule it enjoyed considerable prosperity.
The Arabs gave it its present name "Marsala" which is deriving from the Arab "Marsa Allah" (port of Allah) or "Marsa Ali" ("port of Alì" intended also as "great port" as Ali in Arabian language is synonymous with "great" and the ancient harbour of Lilybaeum was enormous).
On May 11, 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi and his "thousand" landed at Marsala and began his campaign to overthrow Bourbon rule in Sicily as a step toward Italy's unification.
Little remains of the ancient Lilybaeum, fragments of the city walls, squared stones, and some foundations of buildings between the walls and the sea are still visible.
The so-called grotta of the Sibyl must be mentioned. These sites also attracts many archeologists and tourists for the study of Phoenician culture to their immense shipbuilding masterpieces.
Enjoy the sun shining during 300 days per year! Breath the gentle sea breeze! Experience the bubbling atmosphere of one of most beautiful Sicilian city!
Do not visit Marsala, LIVE IT!
Make a visit to the historical center , to the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury ; to the Museo degli Arazzi (Tapestry Museum), and to the Insula Romana as well as the island of Mozia and the "Via del Sale" (Street of Salt), with its salt flats and windmills. There are 35 kilometres (22 miles) of coastline and, particularly in the Stagnone Lagoon, it is possible to catch rare and high quality fish which can be tasted in restaurants and trattorias of the whole area.
Not to be missed are the vineyards and the local shops that produce and sell Marsala wine.
The tourist zones of Segesta, Erice, Selinunte, the Egadi Islands and Pantelleria are easily reached from Marsala.

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